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Installation requirements

The required number of Norsepower Rotor Sails, the size of the sails, and the position of each sail are based on the following vessel-specific factors:

  • Total thrust to be achieved with the Rotor Sails.
  • Aerodynamic properties of the vessel i.e. location of superstructures, cranes, etc. and potential interference between the rotors.
  • Existing support structures in the vessel for the rotor foundations
  • Influence of the Rotor Sails on the stability of the vessel.
  • Influence of the Rotor Sails on control and maneuverability of the vessel.
  • Vessel-specific requirements for cargo handling
    • working areas of cranes and gantries, loading and unloading of cargo
  • Navigational requirements
    • visibility from the bridge, and the potential effect on radar and navigational lights
  • Safety requirements
    • fire hazard from dangerous cargos, icing in winter, safe working area for crew on deck
  • Maintenance requirements and accessibility to the Rotor Sails

Norsepower Rotor Sails are available in three different models. They come with a Rotor Sail height of 18, 24 or 30 metres. The scope of supply of the Norsepower Rotor Sail Solution typically includes delivery and installation of the Rotor Sails, as well as a maintenance agreement for operational support. The manufacturing and installation of the Rotor Sail foundations can be included in Norsepower's delivery, or it can be made by the customer based on Norsepower's design and guidance.

Please contact our sales team ( to obtain more details and a vessel-specific quotation for the Norsepower Rotor Sail Solution.

Ship_6.jpgIllustration of six Norsepower Rotor Sails installed on a tanker vessel.