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Ro-Ro vessel Estraden, Bore Ltd (member of Spliethoff Group)

Norsepower has installed two pieces of 18x3 (18 meters tall and 3 meters in diameter) Norsepower Rotor Sails on board Bore Ltd's Ro-Ro ship Estraden. The first Rotor Sail was installed in November 2014, and the second similar unit was installed one year later in November 2015. The Rotor Sail foundations were welded on the deck aside of an ordinary docking. The cables and autiomation systems were installed during port calls. According to NAPA, the leading maritime data analysis, software and services provider, who has measured and independently verified the savings, the Rotor Sail Solution delivered fuel consumption reductions of 6.1% for the Estraden. "The two-sail installation is delivering the largest fuel saving of any efficiency technology NAPA has measured. We talk figures of Rotor Sails being effective 80% of sailing time, 460kW average propulsion boost and 1.5MW peaking for 10% of time", Jouni Salo from NAPA comments.

Bore’s Vice President, Marine Management, Jörgen Mansnerus comments:  “We are proud to be the first shipowner to install the Norsepower Rotor Sail, and demonstrate that wind propulsion technology has verifiable 5% fuel savings on a yearly basis, can be retrofitted without any off-hire costs, and is extremely easy to use in practice.”

Estraden with two Rotor Sails from port - rs - low - bright.JPG M/V Estraden with two Norsepower Rotor Sails 18x3 (High resolution picture)


Video of Norsepower Rotor Sail Solution on board Estraden (Alternative link to the same video


Vessel data of M/V Estraden
​Length oa162,7 m
​Breadth​25,7 m
​Draught max​6,6 m
​Max air draught (with Rotor Sails)​39 m
​DWT (average in service)​9 700 ton
​Cargo lane-meters​2 300 m
​Propulsion power​2 x 7 240 kW
​Aux power​2 x 856 kW
​Shaft generators​2 x 1 200 kW
​Service power​11...12 000 kW
Service speed​19 knots
Norsepower Rotor Sails​2 Rotor Sails 18x3 (height 18m, diameter 3m)



View from the Bridge - web.JPG 
View from the bridge with Norsepower Control Panel on the left


 Rotor Sail transport - web.JPG
Transportation of Norsepower Rotor Sail before installation in November 2015.
Installation of the Rotor Sails was done during port calls in Turku and in Rotterdam
and it took only 7 h for the first unit and 5 h for the second unit.


Rotor Sail installation with crane - web.JPG 
Installation of the second of Norsepower Rotor Sail on board Estraden in November 2015